Total Time to Fulfillment: Complete Your RTU Replacement Fast

Understanding Total Time to Fulfillment

When it comes to RTU replacements, mistakes eat profits for lunch. Every minute without a functioning air conditioner negatively affects the employees and customers inside the building. Speed is the name of the game through the process of measuring, ordering, and producing the components required to achieve the replacement, of which the curb adapter is often key.

What is Total Time to Fulfillment?

In the world of curb adapters, total time to fulfillment is the period of time starting when a contractor identifies that an RTU replacement is needed and ending at the time when the new unit can be installed.

Why is Total Time to Fulfillment so important to contractors?
Getting the job done quickly means getting it done right the first time. A contractor who can turn a replacement around quickly will enjoy repeat business from his customers and will save everyone involved money by avoiding costly mistakes and repeat work.

What Can I Do to Reduce Total Time to Fulfillment?
There are steps one can take across the entire RTU replacement value chain to reduce TTF. Here are some strategies you can use to speed up the process. help your customers get back to business as usual.

When the Contractor is On the Roof

Taking accurate measurements and a complete assessment of the rooftop environment is perhaps the most crucial aspect of reducing Total Time to Fulfillment.

Obtain Manufacturer and Model Number of Existing RTU
Write these values down and take photos of the markings. It’s easy to miswrite a number or to make a mistake relaying information over the phone. Photos are your backup.

Measure Existing Curb
It’s a good idea to take careful measurements of the curb length, width, and duct openings. If the manufacturer/model number is illegible OR if the RTU is already on a curb adapter, use an instrument like Curbco’s Field Survey Form. Our distributors provide this form directly to inquiring contractors.

If the contractor has never measured a curb before or is new to the industry, they can utilize Curbco’s Virtual Measurement Service, in which we arrange a FaceTime or Skype call for an experienced rep to walk the contractor through the measurement process. The VMS rep will use the measured values to help the contractor to determine the make and model in real time using our proprietary Curb Search engine.

When the Contractor is Ready to Order

Having taken photos of the RTU manufacturer and model number, the contractor can contact their distributor to order a curb adapter.

Anytime: Designed to Slash TTF
Curbco distributors use Anytime (Curbco’s curb adapter quoting engine) to access a complete list of manufacturers and model numbers. They instantly find a match for the old and new RTU models and receive pricing and drawings.

When the Distributor has a Drawing Ready

The distributor will send the curb adapter plans back to the contractor for review and approval. While this may seem like an extra step on its face, our experiences have shown that this step results in a net lower Total Time to Fulfillment by identifying and avoiding mistakes. Some manufacturers don’t require checking.

We encourage contractors to check two specific things before approving a drawing.

Perform this Crucial Double-Check:

  1. Check the curb under the existing equipment against our representation of the manufacturer’s curb spec, and
  2. Check whether the adapter design will readily integrate with the roof environment, i.e., ensure it won’t overhang the roof, obstruct access to maintenance panels, or interfere with other equipment.

When the Contractor is Ready to Finalize

The contractor can approve the drawing from their smartphone using a special link sent to them via Anytime by the distributor. Once that happens, distributor is notified and Curbco’s order processing department is notified.

Via the same Anytime system, the distributor can draft and submit a purchase order.

When We Start Building the Curb Adapter

Our company culture is oriented on fast manufacturing of adapters and our employees are completely bought in to this. We provide lifting lugs that allow s crane to easily lift the unit parallel to the roof, enabling the contractor to easily maneuver adapter onto existing curb. Finally, each of our curb adapters bears a QR code that allows contractor to instantly access drawings.

Put Total Time to Fulfillment Under a Microscope

After decades in business, we have learned that time is the enemy of the contractor, and that there are steps that can be taken at every stage of the RTU replacement process to reduce Total Time to Fulfillment. Use these tools and strategies to shave days off of the typical fulfillment process and help your customers get back to business as usual.