Curb Adapters

RTU Curb Adapters

A curb adapter provides an efficiently modified interface between an HVAC rooftop unit (RTU) and the rooftop ports or holes that feed the heating and air conditioning to and from the building. The rooftop ports are built into a raised external assembly called a curb. Many of these rooftop HVAC curbs were originally set into the roof to accommodate old HVAC units that are either no longer in production or no longer the best choice for the building’s current needs.

Our curb adapters solve that problem.

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We use advanced design and engineering technology to create components that route the curb discharge and intake ports to their matching ports on the HVAC unit as precisely as humanly possible for maximum heating and cooling efficiency. No matter what make or model of RTU you want to install on your rooftop curb, we can build a curb adapter to make it possible!

  • Engineered and designed for proper air flow and adequate support.
  • Welded construction of 18-14 gauge G90 galvanized steel for structural integrity.
  • All welds are treated with a zinc based corrosion-inhibiting compound.
  • Factory installed duct transitions.
  • Insulation thickness and R factor used in manufacturing is dictated by the governing authority in the state in which the unit is to be installed.
  • Insulation is installed with permanent adhesive and pin spot technology
  • Insulation is tucked in the internal flanges insuring no raw edges are exposed, and protecting against possible blockage to the airstream.
  • External surfaces of the adapter are designed to eliminate standing water, and corrosion.
  • Stamped name plate is welded onto Adapter identifying product code for future replacement.
  • Arrow Labels show the direction of airflow, helping determine which way to turn the unit during installation, when it is not clear.
  • 4 x 3 label with product name, code, gasket rolls, number of pieces and QR code with link to drawing to help with installation
  • .25″ thick x .75″ wide Gasket material and lifting lugs included.
  • Orders shipping via LTL carrier will be palatalized and shipped vertically.
  • Glycol platform curbs available
  • .063 or .080 aluminum body
  • Unibody construction
  • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel body