Summertime: The Season for Curb Adapters

Ah, summer. Who doesn’t love the bright summer sun, the warmth and the late sunsets summertime brings? Actually, any facilities manager could tell you the answer to that one. Unless you live in Antarctica, summer means hotter temperatures for more hours of the day — and that means higher energy bills. Could this be the ideal time for your customers to take a good, hard look at the efficiency and future lifespan of their rooftop packaged units? You bet!


The last thing any business needs is to have their HVAC system pack up on them during the dog days of summer. Urge your customers and prospects to start thinking about how many years their RTU may (or may not) have left. Better to replace an old unit before it fails than after the fact! Even if they anticipate several more years of functionality from their equipment, what is what equipment’s EER (energy efficiency rating)? A lot has changed over the last couple of decades; in 1994, for instance, only 14 percent of commercial models had an EER of 10.4 or above, but by 2007 that number was up to 65 percent, according to ENERGY STAR. At at no time of year does that increased efficiency matter more than summertime!


Of course, a commercial facility that decides to install a new RTU during the heat of summer will be in a hurry to get the new unit up and running as quickly as possible, but they also need and expect quality work. Curbco scores on both counts. We run two shifts all year round and rely on a huge knowledge bank of design specifications, so we can turn out the curb adapters and supports you need within two to three days. Trust Curbco for cool ways to cope with hot days.