Energy Efficiency Can Help “Green” Businesses Get Greener

“Going green” is all the rage these days, and some businesses make it a priority not only to be environmentally responsible but to do business with others who feel the same way. But it’s not easy being green, especially for large commercial facilities that rely on older-model rooftop units. These units may still get the job done, more or less, but at what cost? A 30-year-old RTU lacks the microprocessor controls, fine tuning of air distribution, and the electronics to interface with modern energy management systems. Companies that aren’t taking advantages of these advances are almost certainly using way more energy than necessary. That’s bad for the environment, and bad for any business that wants to save money and maintain a reputation as a “green” company.

If your clients serve a metropolitan area that boasts a thriving environmental movement, or that rewards companies for fitting or refitting energy-efficient components, make sure they understand the considerable benefits of switching out their old RTU for a newer, more efficient one. Companies that value sustainability as part of their public image or corporate culture will be “walking the walk” to reduce their carbon footprint. The fact that they’ll also be saving money on their energy bill is icing on the cake — but it’s a pretty tasty icing!

Once your customers are ready to do their part for the environment, we’re ready to do our part to make it possible. Here at Curbco we have three decades of experience fashioning all kinds of curb adapters and their accessories. We support a “Who’s Who” of leading manufacturers (as you can see on our Home page), and our extensive database of pre-designed units enables us to help you bring today’s technology to yesterday’s buildings.

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