What’s in a Name…Plate?

In the late 80’s early 90’s Curbco began to focus more and more on RTU curb adapters, we knew we needed to label our adapters, not only so we would be able to internally identify which adapter was going with which work order/job but also so that once the adapter arrived on the job site and was installed on the roof that the adapter could be identified easily in the future.

According to ASHRAE the average life span of an RTU is between 10-15 years, so in early 2002 contractors were on the roof and needed to replace an RTU that was already on top of one of our adapters, and what they found was…NOTHING!  The foil label that we had chosen to use as an identification tool was gone, nothing remained but a sticky mess.

So in about circa 2003 we began production of a galvanized metal name plate which is permanently welded onto our adapters.   On this name plate is our company name, Page Number (this is a unique identifier).

Our goal is to make the replacement of an existing RTU sitting on one of our adapters as easy as possible, and please, please don’t put an adapter on top of another adapter…I digress.

We have just created a new search tool that will allow a contractor and/or their favorite distributor to submit the “Page Number” to us so we can provide a quote and a submittal drawing needed to provide a replacement adapter

Announcing…The Adapter Bottom Search Tool!

Just follow the instructions and in less than 30 seconds we will have what we need to help you replace the failed RTU…FAST!