Frequently asked

Yes, this is a common request.  First download the form Welded RTU Curbs.  If your customer needs help calculating the pitch, read How to Calculate the Pitch of a Roof or just email We will take care of you!


Yes, we can provide you with a fully welded 18″ tall curb. We will need the specs and, or, the model number of the unit and whether you need it insulated or not.


Yes!  If it is new construction, we will need the specs of the roof. If you are adding a unit to an existing metal roof, we will need the profile of the roof with dimensions and angles.


Yes, this is something we do often, but we will need the specs and it will be a new custom design.


Unfortunately no, we have chosen to specialize in the new/replacement rooftop unit market.


There are many reasons, but two that come to mind are:

1. We have an extensive 20+ year database of pre-designed units.

2. We run two shifts 12 months per year to maximize production capabilities.

We are dedicated to a quick turnaround because replacing a unit FAST can be the difference maker in your customer getting the job or not.

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