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Select your Curb Adapter Orientation

Side by Side

Side by Side

When standing on the short side of the curb closest to the openings, the openings are side by side.



When standing on the short side of the curb closest to the openings, the openings are stacked away from you.


To begin measuring:
1. Stand on the short side to identify the front side of the unit.
2. Use the boxes to the left to determine whether it is a side by side or stacked configuration.

I have validated the Roof Curb Measurements

Roof Curb Dimensions

(Measure outer dimensions)
Left and Right are side by side
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Total: 0
Total: 0

Possible Units

Search for Length or Width from the search on the left.


The Leading Designer and Builder of Rooftop Curbs and Curb Adapters

Our philosophy is: Get it Right the First Time. Because, let’s face it. Errors eat profits for lunch. The slightest inefficiency or mismatch in design or engineering creates blow-back resistance. This makes the customer unit wear down their climate control fan parts, causing wasteful energy loss. That’s why you need to go with a real pro — a curb adapter company with the track record and expertise to create a perfect fit that aligns the Rooftop Curb to the new RTU. And who better to do it with you than the leading designer and builder of Rooftop Curbs and Curb Adapters in the industry, Curbco!

Curb Adapters

Curb Adapters make it possible to retrofit old roof top HVACs with new, vastly improved units that otherwise wouldn’t fit with. Find the right configuration for your job here and then head over to the services tab to take advantage of all the services available for you to get it right the first time.

Rooftop Curbs

Your HVAC determines the dimension for your roof curb. This is how air goes into and is circulated out of the building. We get your specs from the HVAC manufacturer of your unit so that it will fit perfectly on the building

Fan Curb Adapters

Fan Curb Adapters are simple compared to Curb Adapters. Curb Adapters have openings for heat exhaust, air intake, and so forth, but a fan adapter has a single opening to move air in one direction or the other.

Fan Curbs

Fan Curbs are used as roof support structures for fans and ventilators. Like our Rooftrop Curbs, they are available for flat, pitched, and metal or ridged roofs with or without insulation. Fan curbs can be either canted or self flashing.

Roof Equipment Rails

HVAC equipment is only as sturdy as the installation components. Make your roof equipment supports the same as the units they are designed to hold. Start with 18-gauge galvanized steel, solid internal bracing, and continuous welded seams and you’ll be able to hold over 7,000lbs.


Curbco offers various standalone enhancements to improve system performance and extend lifespan. Including Vib-Iso Rail System, Hurricane Clips, and Gasket Material

Our Non-negotiables

100% Satisfaction

Quick-Turn Production

We've helped tons of people just like you and have come to realize that whoever can change out the unit fastest wins!

Dependable Products

As you know, rooftop units can last for decades. The product you choose to support yours should be built with decades of experience behind it!

Competetive Prices

Speedy turnaround is standard, and we pride ourselves on working with our customers to complete custom work at an affordable price.

Hassle-Free Service

We understand that changing out a rooftop unit can be stressful. That’s why it’s our mission to take the hassle and risk out of the HVAC retrofit business!


Our customers demanded an easier and quicker way to place orders, and we listened. KurbHub is Curbco’s automated order management and tracking system, built to provide drawings, quotes, and order status in seconds.



Experience Matters​

Curbco has led product innovation and pioneered change in the HVAC industry since 1983.

Principles Matter

Our principles define how we conduct our business and our lives. You can expect us to exemplify these principles in the the daily work we do, for you!

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