HVAC Curbs

HVAC Roof Curbs for Every Application

HVAC curbs provide structural support for rooftop AC units and other roof-mounted equipment. They also serve as a location for roof penetration to allow cooled air to flow into the building and return air to flow out. Commercial AC manufacturers all have proprietary specs for their curbs. Curbco builds HVAC curbs to suit ANY make and model of commercial AC. We have the most comprehensive library of HVAC specs in the industry, with an archive dating back more than 30 years.

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When rooftops are coated with thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or other polymers for energy efficiency, additional layers of insulation are added between the interior and the final roofline. Extensions add height to the curb to compensate for this added material, enabling the RTU to site flush with the roofline. Extensions save the major labor and time of removing the old curb, which entails disconnecting ductwork and other hassles.
In some cases, a company has purchased a curb and there is no pitch built into the curb. In other cases, RTUs lose level over time due to settling. Curbco manufactures custom-build pitch correctors. These are similar in nature to extensions in that they sit on top of the curb, but are built at an angle to correct the lost pitch which levels the RTU.
Curbco manufactures directional HVAC curbs which route air from a downflow RTU to either existing or new ductwork that was designed to connect horizontally. If an RTU sits on it and air flows through it we’ve got a solution!
Metal roofs require a specific kind of curb: one that has pitch built into it (nearly all metal roofs are pitched), and is designed to accommodate the various connectors and styles used in metal-paneled roofs. Curbco has a good command of each metal roof manufacturer’s style and builds our metal roof HVAC curbs to suit. Each manufacturer’s panels have different spacing and sizes of reinforcing metal ribs that make up the metal roof’s channel profile. Our metal roof curbs mate seamlessly with the different ribs. We build the curbs to protect the area beneath the ribs from animals and detritus and to divert water away from the entire assembly.
Wind events are on the rise, especially around coastal areas. Other areas of the country are susceptible to tornadoes. More insurance companies are requiring rooftop components to be wind-rated for insurance eligibility. To achieve compliance, an engineer needs to vet all rooftop attachments for wind resistance up to the insurer’s specifications. Curbco partners with a firm who analyzes our designs and samples to verify that our curbs will meet wind requirements.
Often a rooftop unit will create noise down through the building. In a movie theater or a church, thresholds of acceptable noise are much lower. In these settings architects will call for a curb designed to absorb noise and vibration. Curbco can deliver a welded curb with an attached vibration isolation rail system to deflect noise and vibration. These rails are located on top of the curb and carry strategically placed, pre-loaded springs to absorb vibration.
There isn’t much we can’t build in the way of rooftop curbs– if it sits on a roof and diverts air, we can tackle it. There are many situations requiring custom work. Trust our decades of experience to adapt our proven products to your unique situation. Non-category-specific solutions.