Fan Curb Adapters

Fan Curb Adapters

While fan curb adapters are technically considered curb adapters, they have a simpler design suited for specific functions that sets them apart. Instead of offering a grouping of several openings for heat exhaust, air intake and so forth, a fan adapter has only a single opening for the express purpose of moving air in one direction or the other.

We employ the same precision engineering and attention to detail for your fan curb as we do for every other product we produce. Even a slight flaw in the calculations can result in too much air resistance blowing back onto the fan, leading to premature wear and energy inefficiency. Trust Curbco’s three decades of experience to ensure the best possible performance from your fan curb adapter!

Standard Features:

  • 18 gauge galvanized body
  • Continuous welded seam

Optional Features:

  • 14-16 gauge galvanized body
  • .063 or .080 aluminum body
  • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel body

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